US Military Surplus Modular Sleep System

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Discover unrivaled sleeping comfort in diverse weather conditions with the Military Surplus USGI Modular Sleep System (MSS). This all-in-one kit features two adaptable sleeping bags, a Bivy cover, and a Stuff Sack, expertly designed to cater to a wide range of temperatures. When combined, the MSS ensures up to 4 hours of cozy warmth, even at chilling -40°F. Compact, machine-washable, and manufactured by Tennier Industries in the USA, the MSS is the dependable choice for every outdoor enthusiast. USMC Improved Sleeps Systems also available.

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MSS Patrol Sleeping Bag Foilage
1 × MSS Patrol Sleeping Bag
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1 × Intermediate Sleeping Bag | Modular Sleep System ( MSS )
Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $34.32.
military surplus MSS Sleep system Improved Bivy Cover Woodland Camo, Goretex
1 × Bivy Cover | Modular Sleep System (MSS)
Original price was: $49.99.Current price is: $43.99.
9 strap stuff sack
1 × 9 Strap Stuff Sack
Original price was: $12.50.Current price is: $11.00.

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US Military Surplus Modular Sleep System

Embark on the ultimate outdoor experience with our Military Surplus USGI Modular Sleep System – the MSS Sleep System, designed for a diverse range of weather conditions. From mild to the harshest cold, this adaptable sleeping bag system ensures a comfortable, restful sleep, irrespective of the external temperature.

The MSS Sleep System is a comprehensive kit featuring two independent mummy-style sleeping bags, an exceptional Bivy Cover, and a compact Stuff Sack. Each component serves its distinct purpose, with the two sleeping bags offering significant temperature adaptability.

The functional independence of the sleeping bags allows for their versatile temperature suitability. The Patrol Sleeping Bag can handle mild climates, being rated for use between temperatures of 30° to 50° degrees. For the colder nights, the robust MSS Intermediate Sleeping Bag offers warmth and comfort in temperatures ranging from -10° to 30° degrees.

When bundled together, the Patrol and Intermediate sleeping bags, coupled with the Bivy Cover, form the ultimate cold weather fortress. This bundled sleeping system promises up to 4 hours of sleep at bone-chilling temperatures as low as -40°F.

Non-flammable and machine washable, the MSS Sleep System assures safety and easy maintenance. The package also includes a Stuff Sack, a space-saving blessing that compresses the entire kit to a mere 1 cubic foot, making the system highly portable.

Crafted in the USA by Tennier Industries, the US Military Improved Modular Sleep System embodies the strength and reliability associated with military surplus products. This modifiable, all-weather sleep system kit is an essential gear piece for all adventure enthusiasts.

MSS Sleep System Components

  • Patrol Sleeping Bag
  • Intermediate Sleeping Bag
  • Bivy Cover
  • Stuff Sack

MSS Sleep System Specs

  • Patrol: 30 – 50 degrees
  • Intermediate: -10 to 30 degrees
  • Combined: -40 for 4hrs


Premium: Signs of use are virtually absent. The best military surplus you can get. Gear in this condition is very rare and doesn’t last long after we list it.

Very Good:  Military surplus in above average condition. Will have some signs of use which could include surface dirt, abrasions and marker but will be void of holes, rips, tears or any significant defects.

Good: is just that, this gear will have some character but is 100% functional. Expect slightly deeper abrasions, wear in high stress areas, a small hole or two. Small repairs may be present.

Fair: Items in this grade need a bit of love. These guys may be missing a snap, the zippers may not function or may have deeper scars than their counter- parts, but they’ll get the job done after some repairs.

Additional information

Weight10.25 lbs
Dimensions16 × 12 × 10.5 in

Very Good, Good


Ripston nylon, polyester fill


ACU Digital Camo, Woodland Camo


8465-01-445-6274, 8465-01-398-0687, 8465-01-398-5428, 8465-01-398-0685


87" x 63"

6 reviews for US Military Surplus Modular Sleep System

  1. Yoshi (verified owner)

    Thank you.

  2. Lee W (verified owner)

    Exactly what I was looking for.

  3. Derek S (verified owner)

    As a whole system it did it’s job well and kept me warm through winter conditions in the Rocky Mountains.

  4. Volodymyr (verified owner)

    I am very satisfied with this sleeping system, warm and qualitative

  5. Levi S (verified owner)

    Great setup everything is in as good of shape or better than described

  6. Travis K (verified owner)

    Very happy with this sleep system. I was hesitant about purchasing something used knowing it was possible some of the pieces might have some damage. I found that it was mostly cosmetic (slight discoloration). Overall, this sleep system is in great condition.

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