CamelBak 100oz Mil-Spec Antidote 90854 Short Reservoir

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The CamelBak 100oz Mil-Spec Antidote 90854 Short Reservoir, with NSN 8465-01-600-7956, is your go-to hydration solution, guaranteeing reliability, ease, and comfort. Its military-grade quality, coupled with innovative features, ensures you stay hydrated efficiently on any adventure. Fits the USMC FILBE Hydration Carrier.

<b>Condition: Very Good</b> Previously issued with some signs of use. No leaks. Expect surface dirt and light wear on tube insulation. 

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Hydrate or Die! CamelBak 100oz Antidote 90854 Short Reservoir

Step up your hydration game with the CamelBak 100oz Mil-Spec Antidote 90854 Short Reservoir. Engineered for the demanding enthusiast, this premier hydration solution keeps you optimally hydrated and focused on your journey. With standout features and durability, it’s the ultimate hydration companion for any adventure.

Product Features

  • NSN 8465-01-600-7956: Certified with a National Stock Number, indicating military-grade quality and reliability.
  • Quick Link™ Exit Port & QL HydroLock™ Bite Valve Adapter: Quick, easy hydration with one-handed operation.
  • Lightweight Design: Minimizes burden, enhancing mobility over long distances.
  • Low-Profile Fit: Offers stability and comfort, ideal for dynamic movements.
  • Easy-to-Clean Wide-Mouth Opening: For hassle-free filling and maintenance.
  • Insulated Tube Cover: Maintains water temperature, suited for all climates.

Optimal Hydration with Military Precision

The CamelBak Antidote Bladder, renowned for its reliability, now comes with the distinguished NSN 8465-01-600-7956, underlining its military-grade specification. This signifies a reservoir designed not just for endurance, but for utmost reliability in the most demanding conditions.

Quick and Efficient Hydration

Thanks to the innovative Quick Link™ Exit Port combined with the QL HydroLock™ Bite Valve Adapter, staying hydrated is swift and effortless. This essential feature allows adventurers to maintain hydration without pausing their pace, a crucial benefit during extensive treks or in extreme weather.

Light and Agile

The lightweight nature of this reservoir ensures that carrying your water supply doesn’t slow you down. Its design respects the need for agility and endurance, making it an excellent choice for those who value efficiency and comfort in their gear.

Comfort and Stability

With its low-profile design, the reservoir seamlessly integrates with your gear, avoiding any awkward bulkiness. This feature is indispensable for maintaining balance and comfort, especially during vigorous activities.

Simplified Maintenance

The wide-mouth opening revolutionizes the cleaning and refilling process, making it straightforward and less time-consuming. This means more time spent on the move and less on gear maintenance.

Consistent Hydration

The insulated tube cover is a game-changer, ensuring that water temperature is kept consistent, regardless of external conditions. Whether in sweltering heat or freezing cold, your water supply remains refreshingly drinkable.

Additional information

Weight.625 lbs
Dimensions9.9 × 7.9 × 1.9 in

100oz / 3 Liters






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