ITW GrimLoc Locking D-Ring Coyote


The ITW Grimloc is a robust, lightweight accessory that boasts GhillieTex™ technology for IR-signature reduction and solar heat resistance. Its smart latch design secures your gear yet breaks away under soldier’s weight to prevent injury. Crafted from a plastic polymer, it won’t become a secondary projectile in combat situations.

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The ITW Grimloc is an essential accessory for anyone seeking a high-strength, lightweight solution to secure their gear efficiently. Designed with a keen eye for durability, functionality, and safety, the Grimloc stands out as a versatile tool in any environment.


  • High-Strength Design: Crafted from a durable plastic polymer, the Grimloc offers unmatched resilience and longevity.
  • Lightweight: Its lightweight construction ensures that it adds minimal weight to your gear, making it perfect for extensive carrying.
  • GhillieTex™ Technology: The integration of GhillieTex™ technology reduces IR-signatures and resists solar heating, allowing for stealth operations in diverse conditions.
  • Break-Away Safety Feature: Engineered to detach under sufficient weight, the Grimloc prevents snagging hazards, ensuring your safety in critical situations.
  • Latch Open Position: Certainly, the Grimloc is equipped with a noteworthy feature: a detent that significantly enhances its functionality. This clever inclusion ensures that the latch remains securely in an open position when needed. As a result, the task of attaching and detaching gear or equipment becomes much more streamlined and efficient.
  • Non-Reactive Material: Made from a non-reactive plastic polymer, it eliminates the risk of becoming a dangerous projectile on the battlefield.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for military, outdoor activities, and day-to-day use to secure equipment, hydration tubes, and other accessories securely.

The ITW Grimloc, intelligently designed for the modern warrior and adventurer, offers stability, safety, and convenience. This versatile device proves invaluable whether you’re traversing tough terrains or managing daily routines, serving as a trusted partner for securing essentials. With its robust design and reliable fastening, it bolsters the safety of your gear, providing peace of mind throughout your journey.

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Weight.0625 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × .5 in

Coyote Brown


.04 oz


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