Rapid Triple Insert


The Rapid Triple Insert offers efficient, robust, and accessible magazine storage. Its ease of integration and lightweight design make it an essential piece of tactical gear.

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Unleashing a new standard in tactical gear efficiency, the Rapid Triple Insert is crafted meticulously for agile mission readiness. One-of-a-kind hook backing system ensures easy integration with your existing loop surface. An uncluttered setup is within your reach.

The insert, built with a lightweight elastic material, offers uncompromised resilience despite its seemingly featherweight presence. Your gear stays sleek, ready for fast maneuvers. No superfluous accessories to slow your response down.

The Triple Elastic Magazine Insert is fully primed for universal compatibility. It securely encloses most rifle magazines, bringing your ammo right where it should be. With a snug hold, you gain peace of mind knowing your magazines remain safe, averts unwarranted shifts, yet accessible when you need them. Our magazine pouch introduces precision to your preparedness.


  • Hook Backing: Attaches effortlessly to any loop surface.
  • Lightweight Elastic Single Insert: Barely noticeable yet robust.
  • Universal Compatibility: Securely holds most rifle magazines.

Additional information

Weight.1875 lbs
Dimensions9 × 5 × 1 in
Color: No selection

Black, Dark Coyote, Olive Green


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